Cryoplane Corp designs, manufactures and operates sustainable aviation systems.

Cryoplane Corp is the first startup in over 20 years to undertake the task of building a cryoplane.


What is a cryoplane?

A cryoplane is a concept dating back to the 1930's for an aircraft powered by burning hydrogen instead of kerosene as it's primary jet fuel.

Why is it called a cryoplane?

In order to carry enough hydrogen on board to power a jet for a long flight, the hydrogen is often cooled to a liquid to reduce it's volume. This liquid must be cooled to cryogenic termperatures - hence a cryogenic plane or cryoplane.

What are the advantages of hydrogen?

Hydrogen combustion releases mostly water vapor, drastically reducing aviation's effect on the climate. Hydrogen also burns hotter and more powerfully, allowing planes to fly faster, farther and more efficiently.

Have cryoplanes been built before?

Cryoplanes have been studied extensively. From NASA to Boeing, nearly every major aerospace firm worldwide has done extensive studies on cryoplanes. To date, nobody has ever manufactured a commercially capable cryoplane.

Why have cryoplane projects in the past failed?

The economics of hydrogen are changing rapidly. In the past it was not feasible for hydrogen to compete with fossil fuels on cost and infrastructure. Today however, the cost of hydrogen production and the availability of cheap clean electricity is changing the economics of hydrogen rapidly.

How can I stay up to date on progress?

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